ACE--R Incline Escape Chute (Descending Angle 45 degree Approx.)

Demo Video



At the time of fire, remove the cabinet that contains the escape chute, open the window, throw down the guide rope fixed at the bottom of the chute to the ground and let the chute body hang down gradually.

When the chute body has been lowered and the chute body hangs down completely, push the metal frame upward and extend the frame out of the window.

The operator on the ground first pull the guide rope that has been thrown down, then pulls the chute body toward the anchor that is previously installed on the ground, connect the hooks from chute on the anchor and pull the pulley to full extend and stabilize the chute body.

The reason why the chute need to hook with anchor is to provide firm support of the chute to provide smooth descent for patient on stretcher or number of evacuees descend in succession, holding the bottom of the chute by hand is not recommanded.


This type of escape chute required proper anchorage, otherwise smooth descent is not guaranteed unless the bottom of the chute is held firmly or hooked on the anchor installed on the ground. Therefore, always check the connection between the anchor and hooks of the chute before start evacuation.

The escape chute may be regarded as a slide made of cloth. Descent in succession one after another is possible. It may be a good idea if the person extends his legs outward to regulate the speed of descent.

The chute body is of double-construction from up to down. Even if the chute cloth should tear, the nylon taffeta, the second layer of cloth which is very strong, prevents accidental fall of the person through the torn part.
The chute has a protecting cushion at the bottom to avoid shock at the time of landing on the ground.


  Where used Name Size & Standards
Base Frame
Main Materials
Main Frame Square pipe 40x40x2t or 50x50X2.3t
(JIS G3466)
Chute Frame
Main Materials
Main Frame Steel Bar 19 mm Ø
(JIS G3101)
Entrance Frame
Rotary Shaft
Pipe 34 Ø x 3.4t
(JIS G3454)
Chute Body
Main Materials
Main Body
Polyester Tensile Strength 170 x 150 kg
Tear Strength 18 X 17 kg
Nylon Tensile strength 160 X 160 kg
Tear Strength 28 X 28 kg
Main Belt Polyester

35 x 2t
2,460 kg X 2 = 4,920 kg



Upper Part
Lower Part
Remove the cabinet.
Throw the guide rope down.
Losen the guide rope.
Hang the hook to the lower part fixing hardware.
Let the chute main body slide down on the ground.
Pull up the entrance frame.
Pull the rope between the pulleys.
Decend with your legs first.
Fix the pully rope.