SUPER ACE S-1-F Fire Escape Chute For Incline Firebridge (Vertical Descent)

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This S-1-F type chute was developed from our Model :S-1 for use mainly by fire brigades.
This chute is different from other types.
The chute has a zipper along its length at an interval (distance) of 2 meters and the escaping persons can get out of the chute from any nearest zipper.
The chute enables exit from a place where the height is not same as the largest length of the chute.
If the chute is installed on the gondola of a snorkel vehicle or on the deck of a fire engine with a ladder, the saved persons within the gondola or on the deck can use the chute by nearest zipper exit to the ground.
This means that it is not necessary to move repeatedly the gondola or deck from the point of rescue down to the ground every time the gondola or deck becomes full.
This is a very efficient method of rescue particularly when the number of persons to be rescued is large.
The weight of the chute itself is about 1.4kg/m, and it is possible to make maximum 50m long chute.
In the case of succession(continuous) use of the chute, the chute itself will suffer no damage or trouble when a group of 5 to 6 persons descend in the chute at an interval of about 1~2 second although the conditions may very depending on each case.


The chute is made in spiral form in the left turn directions, so try to descend in it turning the body in the left direction.
The speed of descent is about 2 meters or less per second and the speed never exceeds the above limit. Therefore, no shock is felt during the descent in the chute or at the time when reaching the protecting cushion in the capsule at the bottom of the chute.
This means that the chute assures the highest degree of safety and no danger at all.


Where used
Size & Standards
Entrance Frame
Main Materials
Main Frame Steel Bar 19 mm
(JIS G3101)
Entrance Frame
Hang Belt
Polyester 27 x 3t
900kg x 2 = 1,800kg
Main Body
Main Materials
Slide Cloth Polyester Tensile Strength 150 x 160 kg
Tear Strength 19 X 19 kg
Other Fabric Polyester
(Flame resistance)
Tensile strength 150 X 160 kg
Tear Strength 19 X 19 kg
Main Belt Polyester

35 x 2t
2,460 kg X 5 = 12,300 kg