Vertical Elevation Escape Chute (Multiple Exits)
Model: Euro ACE S-1-F/N
Longest Made: 150 feet

Demo Video

The Multiple Exits Escape Chute is developed from our model: Super S-I for application on variable altitude evacuation, such as elevated train system, gondolas, amusement parks rides, hyraulic platform on fire truck etc.

The chute has multiple zippered exits at an interval of 3 meters (approximate 7'). Once reached the safe ground, the escapee just open the nearest zipper to exit the chute.

The weight of the chute body is about 1.4kg/M (1 lb/ft) and able to hold up 1800 kg (approximate 4000 lbs) at once during evacuation. The Chute is made in spiral form inside a flame retardant treated outer body in left turn direction.

The speed of descending is about 2 meters (7') or less per second. Therefore, smooth landing is always expected when escapee reaches the bottom of the chute where a protective landing cushion is attached for additional protection.