This slow desceding Auto-Ace is a rescue or escaping equipment to descend down from a high place at the time of fire or other emergent disasters. Auto-Ace consists mainly of a speed adjusting device incorporating a centrifugal brake. A rope (core wire rope of the diameter 4mm strengthened by polyester braid covering the wire.) passes through the speed adjusting device for automatic control of the descending-speed. Therefore, safe descending operation is possible irrespective of the body weight of the escaping person. At both ends of the rope, a body holding device is attached, so when one end is used for descending the other end moves upward for the use by the next person.

Speed Adjusting Device

See the components of the Speed Adjusing Device are made of the best materials. For instance, all the shafts are made of stainless steel and the brake is made of special metal (Bronze type) for higher quality of Auto-Ace. The tensile strength is 1500kg or more for higher safety.


The core is a wire rope of the diameter 4mm covered with polyester braids. The tensile strength is 1000kg or more.


  • First fix the attaching hardware by anchor bolts etc on the floor, wall etc of the building. (Open the cabinet and extend the arm etc.)
  • Then attach the speed adjusting device at an end of the attaching hardware. (In the case of B type this is not necessary as the device is already attached.)
  • A body holding device is firmly attached at both ends of the rope, which runs through the speed adjusting device, and one body holding device is wound up with the rope into the reel.
    To use, let the device in the reel fall down and then use the other device for descent. In attaching the body holding device, the escaping person puts his body into the loop of the device so that the belt comes to his body side or chest, then he will never fall down, when descending starts he will never fall out of the loop.
  • When one person completes his descent the body holding device moves upward for use by the next person. This repeats for continuous descending operation.
    For smooth descending, use both hands and arms to hold his body apart from the wall of the building.


Open the cabinet. Extend the arm fixture out of the window. Link the snap hook with the arm end and fix the safety nut. Drop the cable reel to the ground. Secure the belt around the body, and climb out of the window.


Take off the cover. Drop the cable reel to the ground. Extend the arm fixture out of the window and pull up the stand fixture. Secure the belt around the body. Climb out of the window.

Main Attaching Hardware

Attached on the column, wall etc of the building

*Speed Adjusting Device is stored-separately

Attached on the floow of the building